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SYSTEMS 2017 BFA Exhibition


SYSTEMS 2017 BFA Exhibition


Identity for the University of Hawai‘i Manoa's 2017 Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition, SYSTEMS. Based on the idea of communication within social systems,  the logotype was developed, in collaboration with designer Lauren Tabor, using one continuous line connecting all the letters. A metaphor of how each of the 6 mediums are interconnected through art.

On the printed invite, the blueprint of the Art Building's 3 floors are overlaid on top of each other. Each medium's studios are highlighted by extruding their location on the map, eliminating the physical barriers between them and exposing how interconnected they are. A special spot varnish and foil heat press add visual depth, while fluorescent inks accentuate the colors of the logotype.

In the showroom, a large-scale installation of the logo was created using 5 different shades of colored yarn to achieve the gradient.





University of Hawai‘i Manoa