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LET ME FINISH: Kanye West Exhibition


LET ME FINISH: Kanye West Exhibition


Collateral, including a save-the-date, RSVP, invite, mailing envelopes, badges and an interactive app were developed for an exhibition on Kanye West. This concept exhibition explores how both himself and the media portray his image. Kanye is often written off as crazy and egotistic, however, through this exhibition he is able to tell his story without interruption: LET ME FINISH.

Based on Kanye's love for video games – even expressing his desire to create soundtracks for them – the design language borrows from early bitmap video game graphics. A series of icons were developed that outline Kanye's life, from his first album to his first child. The invite's front side features quotes from various critics, distorting and warping their message with the icons on each panel, and the lower half of the invite detaches into a mailable RSVP. The badges have a semi-transparent vellum layer covering up mugshots and excerpts from his songs. The companion app allows attendees to create a profile and custom e-badge for the event, shop his catalogue of music and fashion, as well as add tracks to the speaker system at the event.





Matte paper 100#
Proof paper 60#